Vet education recap: Resources for canine geriatric medicine

Dr. Brennen McKenzie often teaches continuing education courses around canine aging, and he shares resources that include foundational material on aging, clinical assessment tools, and guidelines to assist vets in creating treatment plans for senior dogs.

Should you zoom call your dog?

There are now lots of devices that let us call our dogs and say “Hi!” when we aren’t at home. But are these really for our dogs, or just for us?

Yes, dogs really can read facial expressions

Sometimes our dogs seem to read us like an open book! How do they know just how we are feeling? It turns out, our faces are a clear window into our emotions for our canine friends.

Talking to your dog?

Dogs are exceptionally good at understanding humans; better than any animal outside our own species. But when we talk to them, we give a lot of information besides just words.

Can your dog catch your yawn?

Humans are not the only animals to yawn. Fish, birds and mammals all yawn too. And, of course, so do our favorite animals here at Loyal!